Shelf Life- Unique Ways To Decorate With Shelves

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Sticking to the common New Year’s theme of organization, I
came across an article that makes your walls a work of art. Check out the new,
inventive, yet still practical shelves that are sure to be seen in stylish
homes everywhere. Consider shelving accessories for your walls.

It’s a Wrap

Functionality is the key when putting up shelves. The ‘wrap
around’ shelves below are perfect for people wishing to maximize their space. One
piece can go on two walls, saving
space and money.




Chic Shelves

While shelving has been around for a while, what makes the
new shelves so appealing is how easily they blend into modern life. Sleek
black makes a statement against any walls and gothic corbels create a sense of romanticism.  I like that these shelves also make the
pieces on them look like they are floating in midair.



Create Your Own Space

In the past, shelves have  been used just as
organizational tools; Now shelves can be used to create new spaces in your
home. In the first picture the shelves act as a divider between an office space
and a living room.  In the second the
shelves help to create a small reading nook for you to relax in.


available through Ydp

Shelves also come in so many shapes and sizes.  This small unit can fit in a corner or be used a a side tables to anchor a bed.  Imagine your books at arms length when you’re ready to read.

Available through Ydp

How about portable shelves with wheels.  This is great for the person who likes to shift things around from time to time.

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