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Once you finish that bottle of wine, whatever you do, don’t throw out the cork! There are so many things you can do with corks, whether its hundreds of corks or just one single one. The following are some of the many different ways that you can re-use corks.

Business Card or Place Card Holder

Simply cut a slit in a single cork and place the card inside. Check out Another Wine Blog for a tutorial.

Pin holder

Just one cork is enough to hold multiple loose pins. WineIntro has lots of cool cork craft ideas.


You can always make a classic corkboard if you have a lot of corks.


Make those corks glow by using them in a candleholder. Check out Two Twenty One for details on how to make it.

Cork Magnets

There’s no need to buy magnets when you can easily create your own! Check out Zakka Life for how to make this simple, crafty magnet.


Plant Marker

Such a clever way to label your garden! Check out My Chic Life for a tutorial.


Knife Holder
Glue corks together next to each other and make slits in them for the knives. It’s a great divider for a knife drawer.


Do you have extra corks that you’re not using?  How about Donate them! Corks can be recycled and made into things like sports equipment, building insulation, flooring tiles, and craft materials. One of the places you can donate corks to is Yemm & Hart Ltd. You can mail them your corks, and if you send over 10 pounds of cork they’ll even pay you for it!
How do you re-use corks in your home?


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