Color Fabulous: Kid Friendly Murals

by / Friday, 28 June 2013 / Published in Color Crush, INSPIRATION STATION

One hot trend in decorating kids rooms is murals and painted accents on the wall.

My cousin recently decorated her daughters room in all pink and painted lime green lady bugs on the wall as well as a tree and had attached tiny butterflies made out of mirror to the wall.

The effect was adorable and her daughter LOVED it. So, today I thought I would look for some other great ideas to incorporate this trend!

This mural is an awesome way to add lots of bright color to a room but also keep the rest of the wall colors neutral. Just a pop of whimsy!

When I was little I was absolutely convinced I was destined to be a princess. A small castle painting at the base of the wall is not only pretty but would be fun to have in a play area and is the perfect back drop for a doll house and Barbies!

I think this mural might be one of my favorites. It could be for a young child’s room, a play room or a gender neutral nursery!

I love the idea of painting a mural like this to serve as the background for those rugs with the town and road going through it for little boys’ rooms.

This painting is functional, aestechically pleasing, and gender neutral! This height chart looks much better than pencil lines drawn against a door frame to track your child’s growth!

A Sponge Bob themed bathroom! Just think about how much easier bathtime will be when they’re excited to visit all their friends in Bikini Bottom!

I like this mural because it works for really young children but also has the capacity to grow with the child. It isn’t “baby” looking but is still fun and cute!

Have you decorated a child’s room lately? Incorporated this trend in your own house? Let us know!

Best, Grace

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