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This quote sums up how I feel about color.  Color is a HUGE consideration when it comes to decorating your space.  I often ask clients how they want their space to FEEL when they walk through the door.  A color consultation is an important place to start.

Should you update your space with color?  What do you prefer?  Muted or bold?  light or deep? saturated, or diluted?  Pastels or Stark? Dull or bright? Cool or warm?  Energetic or calming?

There are some great ways to bring color and desired mood into your home.

One way is with textiles.

Whenever new fabrics come in, I find myself using words like luscious, striking, delicious, serene, energetic, and on and on…… Yes, I get a little carried away and can’t help but to start imagining ideal projects for different fabrics.

Here’s what I mean.

For a global vibe, these prints will mix well with other prints or solids.

Tip: Mix large scale prints, with smaller onesThese saturated hues are simply delicious…..I’m in love, love, love!  Pair them with prints and patterns, and you’ve added drama and style.These rich golds would be ideal for bedding and draperies.

Tip: Using the same color, with different patterns, will keep a room from looking flat.

For masculine spaces, these woven textures are awesome!  Reupholster a chair, ottoman and add in a few throw pillows….yeah baby!  Hmmmm drapery panels would work too.Comfort and style require plush-ness.  Imagine hunkering down into sheer chenille softness.

So how do you know what colors to decorate with?

Take a cue from what your wear.  If you have a favorite color that looks good on you,  this may be a good place to start.

Grab these quick tips for decorating with textiles

1. A monochromatic room is nice, but it can be awesome with added texture and pattern.

2. Update chair seat covers with a punchy print.

3. Create a headboard using a bright solid. Add gemstones or studs for added glamour.

4.  Recover a tired ottoman with a print and link it  to matching pillows in the same color family.

In addition to textiles, bring in color through lighting, area rugs, art and mother nature.

Could your space use a color refresh? Which way will you bring in color?

Make today awesome!

Do you need help getting  a jump start on a project?

Does the process seem a bit overwhelming?

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We also have 3 distinct design plans:

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One Response to “Lifestyle: Color color color!”

  1. Andrea Robinson says :

    Wow, I LOVE your enthusiasm!!

    You know what? I subscribed to your email list/newsletter and to my surprise,I got a free copy of the Project Starter Tool Kit! I was so excited that I started filling it out right away.

    I realized that until I started filling it out, I had no idea what my preferences were. I’m pretty easy going and take it as it comes, but wow, there were so many choices like what your favorite colors are, and what your favorite textures are, etc. I know that I like black and glass modern style furniture, but I’ve NEVER had it in my house! Isn’t that funny?

    But by all means, this article is making me really enthusiastic, especially the question,”What do you want your house to ‘feel’ like when you go into it?” Well, I would like it to feel a certain way, but now I know it can never feel like that with these particular colors. I like muted, soft colors, but my house is totally bland. And I thought I had to keep it that way so it would appeal to “everybody.” Wow, was I ever wrong!

    I was going to get some more (of the same) paint anyway – now I think I’ll add a splash of color this time!

    Thanks so much! This is really liberating.