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Here are 4 ways to SPRING IN a new look this season

1. Update chairs in your home office or dining room.

Try something cool like a lemony yellow, or mint green.  You can even have fun and choose more than one color. Why? because matchy matchy is so yesterday.

2. Try a new spring fragrance

If you’ve been spritzing the same fragrance all year long, go for something new, light and refreshing and while you’re at it, pick something up for the home too.  A new  Candle scent of spring flowers would be nice or try spritzing  your sheets with a fab linen spray.

3. Pillows, rugs, paint and lighting updates are easy and affordable changes.

Your friends will say  ooh la la and wow as these easy updates will add impact and a fresh new energy to the space.

4. Add a new item to your wardrobe that screams spring.

Will it be a dress, a new pair of sandals or a simple scarf?  Whatever you decide, you’ll be stepping lighter and feel more beautiful with your new spring look.

Fresh, soft, mellow and bright is how I would describe the colors of spring; particularly the mint greens and lemon yellows on the mood board below.  Aren’t those chairs so much fun?

Spring ReFresh


FilamentStyle green light
$96 – crowdyhouse.com

Home scent

Warehouse pleated dress
$49 – warehouse.co.uk

Ciel spring chair
$125 – notonthehighstreet.com
As we all know, fashion and home decor often collide. When shopping for home goods in a spring motif, you can’t help but notice similar colors trending in fashion.

I love the example of a pair of shoes, my daughter brought back from a recent visit to Morocco.  The colors are vivid, vibrant and bold, much like many of the colors from my new spring fabric collection.

 Crazy right?  Looks like I’ll be right in step with the bolder side of spring.
spring fabric line

Thanks for stopping by friends.  What is your favorite spring update? We partner with busy homeowners to create a space that feels authentic to their lifestyle and we blog about subjects that educate and inspire. 

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