Why I love the color Orange and how to infuse it into your space?

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COLOR CRUSHOrange is a lively, energetic color that simply inspires me. What I love most, is that while orange is bright, it can also be subdued, warm, earthy and cozy. So it appeals to “energetic-fun-me”, and “laid- back-stay-in-your-pj’s-with-a-cup-of-coffee-me”.

Here are a few ways to create inspired spaces using O R A N G E,  Our current color crush


Since this bright color has quite a bit of energy, using it in small doses is a good idea.  Try creating a focal point using wall art, or style a fireplace mantle with a vase and decorative boxes. If you introduce an orange chair into a room full of neutral tones, imagine how much it will shine in the space.


I love Orange!



This is a more subdued, muted side of orange. I’ll call it a dusty clay. Orange Adirondack chairs are a great way to add a little spice to your outdoor space. Balance the orange with rustic tables and a patterned rug to create an inviting atmosphere.  The only thing missing is you and a tall glass of iced tea.
outdoor comfort - muted orange


If you  don’t want to fully commit to orange, choose a neutral drapery fabric, like beige or gray, then enhance it with a touch of orange or any other bright hue you desire.  Try something similar to the stria style draperies shown on the left.  Introduce orange finishes in smooth, textured, nuanced, cool, warm, deep and bright for impact and style.orange


Add life with a pop of orange to your living space, especially if it’s among lots of neutrals. I really like how the mixed prints in this neutral space keep the room interesting, but the energy comes from the orange florals.poppy's

Thanks for stopping by friends.  “Orange” you glad you did?  Are you for bright orange or subdued orange? We partner with busy homeowners to create a space that feels authentic to their lifestyle and we blog about subjects that educate and inspire. 

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