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Lets face it, spring cleaning is not  something we’re all chomping at the bit to do, but if we realized how awesome it affects our life broadly, we really should be more motivated.  I love how our guest blogger, gives us eco-friendly tips for a cleaner home and better quality of life. Her personal story inspired me. Here is what she says.

“Both my kids suffer from allergies, and one has asthma. Finding out that my cleaning products could be contributing to health issues for them was enough for me to get rid of everything in my cabinet and start from scratch. Now, most of the cleaners I use are homemade”.

Tackle Spring Cleaning And Boost Your Mental Healthspring cleaning

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There is not much that feels better than a house that has been cleaned from top to bottom and once the spring weather hits, many people feel motivated to dig in, open the windows, and get cleaning. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to incorporate chemical-free and eco-friendly choices into your routine, and many find that their mental health improves as a result of the effort.

Your mental health is influenced by the state of your home

Psychology Today details that having things clean and organized in your life can have a positive impact on your mental health, whereas having a home that is cluttered or filled with unfinished projects can cause fatigue, depression, and higher-than-normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In addition, Shape notes that clutter and disorganization at home can impact your relationships and your productivity, and problems in those areas can lead to issues with your mental health as well.


It can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to spring cleaning, but Fix shares an outline of how to tackle the big project. They suggest getting all of your supplies pulled together before starting, and put together a plan of attack. Decide which areas or rooms are your highest priority, and for some people, starting with the toughest spot first can make the subsequent areas easier to tackle.


Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done all in one day, so break things into smaller chunks and delegate tasks to family members to help get things done. However, you may want to have partners or teams tackling various areas, rather than send kids off solo to clean and perhaps end up distracted. Decluttering is a big first step, and then it’s time to make things shine.


Common household items make great natural cleaning productschemical free cleaning

Most households have plenty of store-bought cleaning products that are filled with harmful chemicals and ingredients that are bad not only for your family, but for the environment as well. In all likelihood, you have quite a few products in your home already that are natural and can help you tackle your spring cleaning in eco-friendly and chemical-free ways. Baking soda and white vinegar can be used as bases for multiple cleaning tasks and eco-friendly dish soap, salt, olive oil and lemon juice are additional items that can have a big impact.


According to Alternet, lemon can tackle stains, eliminate mold and mildew, cut through grease, and remove odors from plastic containers. Olive oil can be used as a polisher, cleaner, and appliance lubricant, while white vinegar is useful in almost every area of the house as an all-purpose cleaner, a deodorizer, and dozens of other applications. Baking soda is another key eco-friendly item to incorporate into your spring cleaning, and club soda can come in handy as well.


Keep things simple to get big results

There are plenty of chemical-free and eco-friendly cleaning products available on the market these days, but common household items can also job done well while saving you money. Salt and lemon juice combine well to eliminate rust or mildew, and lemon juice with club soda works well to get through grease. Baking soda comes in handy when you are cleaning sinks, bathroom areas, and countertops, and it can work well with vinegar to get your toilet clean, get spots out of your carpet, or unclog drains.


Springtime is a great time to make improvements in your life, both physically and mentally. The warm weather and fresh air provide a great opportunity to clean and reorganize the house, and both the process and the end result can have a positive impact on your mental health. When you tackle spring cleaning and start to use eco-friendly and chemical-free products like salt, lemon juice, white vinegar, and baking soda in place of standard store-bought options, you’re giving your overall health an additional boost and helping the environment at the same time.


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