7 Simple and Beautiful Walkway Ideas for Your Garden

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Now that summertime is knocking, it is only fitting to inspire you with a few ideas for your walkways. Our guest writer Chloe Taylor is back offering quite a few awesome ideas.Image 1

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Some people prefer houses, others view apartments as the more convenient option, but if there is one area where apartments can’t compete, it is definitely outdoor space. The possibility of having your own garden, where you can entertain your friends, have fun with your kids, or simple enjoy reading a good book sounds marvelous, right? But in order to make that experience truly amazing, you’ll have to do some landscaping. One of the integral parts of landscaping is, of course, building walkways to guide you through your zen greenery. Here are some ideas for that.

Stepping stones

Nothing can make your garden seem as a fairytale scene, as a pathway made of large pieces of stone. The best thing about stepping stone paths is that they are really affordable and simple to make. There is very little digging involved, and you don’t need to worry about leveling the stones with one another. For this task you’ll need flat stones (about 18 inches across and 2 inches thick) and a couple of hours of work.

Gravel walkways

gravel walkwaysImage 2 source: pilotproject.org

Gravel is a cheap and easy-to-handle material. It is great for moderate foot traffic, but not as good for taking you right to the back door, since pebbles tend to stick to your shoes and end up on your kitchen floor. Since it is available in many designs and colors, gravel can be a striking landscaping element, especially if complemented with a stone border.

Paver paths

More formal than stepping stones, but built in a similar manner, pavers come in different colors and patterns and they’re ideal for both straight and curved paths. However, building a paver walkway is a labor-intensive project that requires a lot of time and appropriate machines. The results will more than justify that hard work, since you’ll end up with an ancient-looking cobblestone path or an elegant English-style garden.

Exposed or colored concrete

colored concreteImage 3 source: generva.com

One of the most versatile walkway materials, concrete is a hardwearing surface with a designer-edge. Geostone offers a wide variety of products and colors that can match the vision you have for your garden. You can go with a natural-stone look or a look that will suit your home’s exterior. Fancy a yellowish road for your Wizard of Oz garden? No problem. You’re up for a colorful path to call for attention? In a second.

Wooden boardwalks

Wooden walkways will add that attractive rustic feel to your garden, and are much easier to build than you might think. In fact, there is not as much digging or backbreaking involved in the process. You’ll just need to dig a few holes and haul the wooden boards. The only truly complicated part is cutting the curves, but with skillful hands, or some extra help, that will be easy.

Wooden log paths

wooden boardwalk

Image 4 source: lushome.com

An even more interesting take on wooden pathways – log paths will lend your garden a mystery-forest appeal that will make spending time outside even more magical. If you can buy sawed logs somewhere there shouldn’t be too much hassle with this one. In fact, it is similar to building stepping stone paths; you need to dig holes and press the logs in. Since wood is lighter than stone, you might need to plant grass in the ground between the logs to hold them in. Ground cover thyme is an excellent choice.

Stone + moss

stone and mossImage 5 source: doityourself.com

If you like the stone pathway idea, but it feels a bit cold, we have a great suggestion for you: combine it with moss. This is also an ideal choice if you have planned to plant grass in between the stepping stones, but it just wouldn’t grow, because moss tends to thrive were grass doesn’t. Once the moss starts growing, your garden walkway will look enchanting and greener than ever.

unnamed-1Image 7 source: homeepiphany.com

All of these seven paths are relatively easy to build and maintain, so there is no reason not to treat your backyard with one of them as soon as possible. They will make walking through nature even more fulfilling. Plus, all your friends and neighbors will be green with envy.

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