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Cornices have been a popular choice for us in the past few weeks. perhaps they’ve been a go-to look all along, but for us, the requests has increased.sundays with ydp new

1. What is a cornice board?

A cornice board is a window treatment made of wood and upholstered in a padded fabric. You can keep them simple or add contrasting welt or trim for added drama.  They come in straight and curved styles to suite many design aesthetics and unlike valances, cornices offer a more structured look.

2. What styles do we offer?

We offer the ones featured below. They are available simple or detailed, with curved or straight lines.  And they come in Regular or mini styles?

cornice board styles

3. Which rooms are they best in?

They really work in any room of the house. What we like most is how they can make a statement alone or paired with shades, blinds or draperies.

4. Here are a few of our latest projects

Dining room in Kentucky

Living room in Mason, Ohio

Another living room in Mason, Ohio

Cornices.  Are they for you? How might they look with your decor?

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