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So how do you get a bathroom remodel done in two weeks? The first thing you do is pray. Seriously, I’m not kidding, especially when you are balancing several projects.  Next you pull yourself and resources together and get er done.

When your client calls and wants a new bathroom before her baby comes, there’s not much time for dilly dallying.

We met to discuss her needs and budget and came up with a plan of action.

My client wanted to replace EVERYTHING. The bathtub, toilet, vanity, light fixture, towel racks, toilet paper holder, flooring etc.

Before pics

before bathroom remodel

A full demolition was needed, so we gutted the space and removed all fixtures.

Even though this was a relatively small project, getting it done in a short timeframe meant relying on the right people for the job.  My contractor and his crew were just such people.

They got in and made the magic happen. Everything went bye bye in the blink of an eye.  Where is the tub?  Gone.  The flooring?  Gone. The Light fixture, toilet, vanity? All gone. full gut

While they were doing their thing, I was out doing mine. I began sourcing the finishes and materials to create an affordable remodel with modern sleek finishes,  and a global rustic vibe.  Since our timeline was tight, we opted for items that were stocked and ready for delivery.

Sourcing** ***

We made progress despite running into a snafu or two.  This is something every client should come to expect.  The unknowns are just that, “unknown”.  We uncovered mold that was easily treatable and decided to replace a couple of pipes to prevent potential issues down the road.

There were a few moments when I was nervous and chomping at the bit…because time was a tickin, but I felt relieved as I discovered progress with each site visit.

Progress pics

  • New paint (Sherwin williams oyster bar)
  • Window treatment (custom made and expedited by Ydp workroom)
  • Luxury laminate flooring (menards).
  • Sleek chrome fixtures tub, shower surround and accessories (Fergusons)
  • Vanity in Java oak (Home depot)
  • Vanity lighting (Home depot)
  • Storage baskets (Ikea)
  • Towels, shower curtain and accessories to complete the look (Tuesday morning|Bed bath and beyond)

After pics

At the end of the day, I did a happy dance because we did it!  It took two weeks and 3 days but we got er done.  Teamwork makes the dream work. The best part of all, is that our client was very happy with the results. Here is her reaction.

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