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I have been working with this client for quite some time, helping with custom window treatments and furnishings for her lovely home.  She is an empty nester with impeccable tastes and has been a joy to work with.  


Her kitchen was already lovely and every visit to to her home was the same.  It was pristine with nothing out of place, but she wanted a little extra “something something”.

You may remember our post a few weeks back . (Buying tiles for a kitchen backsplash project, and how to simplify the process).  

Well here we are on installation day. Ready to Get er done.

Our project had a few small bumps along the way, but the end result was worth it.

For example, when you choose glass tiles, it’s important to take extra care to avoid surface scratches and you’ll want to use a grout product designed specifically for glass tiles.

 kitchen before
alice kitchen before

These cute roosters used to be the focal point of the kitchen. Are you ready for the wow?

 kitchen After

We replaced the roosters with decorative  mosaic glass tiles framed out in a herringbone pattern.
new kitchen backsplash

We tiled the entire area from the left side of the sink to the right side of her refrigerator.


What we love the most is how the tile really elevates the space and adds an elegant feel.
DSC_1780 (1)

The tiles harmonize with the honey colored cabinetry and the green undertones in the countertops giving the kitchen it’s wow factor.

Next up will be pendant lighting above the center island. I’d also like to see two upholstered neutral counter stools.

Thanks for stopping by friends.  We partner with busy homeowners to create spaces that feel authentic to their lifestyle and we blog about subjects that educate and inspire. 

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