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It’s summertime and the livin is supposed to be easy right? Well, It’s the first time in a really, really long time, that I’ve been able to take this to heart. 
So far this summer I’ve gone on a women’s camping trip with my church,

a mother’s day retreat, Virginia beach girlfriends getaway, Kayaking with my hubby and son, and am just back from a recent trip to Toronto Canada & Put in Bay with the family. Wow! I feel like I’m truly getting it in this summer.

But it’s not all play, I am also in the midst of balancing a few window treatment projects,  a small bathroom remodel and decorating a few rooms for a lovely young couple’s first home.   Details to come soon.

In recent conversations with friends and clients, I am often asked what the ideal distance should be for furnishings, lighting, wall art etc. I came across this great article from this old house that answers many of the inquires . So here’s to sharing. What I like most about the article is the infographics that accompany it.

furniture placement tips

How high to hang art

viewing distance from tv

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