How to Choose an Awesome Area Rug for any Type of Space

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Rugs can define an area, be the feature in a room add comfort and style.  Either way here are a few tips on choosing the right one for your space.pexels-photo-104996

Whether you want to bring a sense of novelty into your home or create a more interesting look and give your space a unique character, area rugs are always a great solution. With their enticing designs, intriguing motifs and lovely hues, they can really liven up a space and tie a room together by creating a cohesive and harmonious look. However, to achieve the desired effects, you need to carefully choose a rug that is right for your space and consider different factors, such as its size, style and different materials.

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The importance of the right size

The size of a rug is a great starting point and one of the most important aspects to have in mind when choosing a rug for your space. A rug too small can make your space seem unwelcoming and empty, while a rug too big will create an illusion of crowdedness. However, an area rug of a perfect size will create an ambience that exudes warmth and a welcoming atmosphere.
Don’t be misled into thinking that the room size will determine the size of your rug. In fact, furniture configuration is the deciding factor and a general rule of thumb is – your furniture should be on the rug. However, size varies depending on the room and its properties.
In your living room, your rug should be big enough for your seating area – at least the front legs of your furniture should be on the rug. A larger area rug is more appropriate for your dining room because your chairs should be still on it when you pull them back. As for your bedroom, rugs are an essential element that will create a cosy atmosphere. You can place two smaller ones on the sides of your bed or use a larger one and place it under the foot of your bed to create an illusion of spaciousness.


Rugs for elevated décor

Not only will area rugs keep your feet warm, but they will also elevate the general style of your space. Decorating with rugs is a great way to add depth and character to your home, introduce different styles and break a monotonous look.
Monochromatic interiors can greatly benefit from patterned rugs that can bring a pop of colour and an interesting design to a space. If your home features a neutral colour scheme and an understated look, adding a colourful and intricately designed rug can give your space a stunning focal point. Rather than passing unnoticed, your rug will become a true décor statement and draw everyone’s gaze downwards.
On the other hand, neutral and simple area rugs can bring balance back to a “chaotic” space. If your interior is quite colourful and vibrant, a simple yet elegant rug can create a more soothing vibe and a balanced contrast, letting your lovely décor details stand out.
Area rugs are also a great way to introduce the most recent design trends to your space. If you’re a design enthusiast, you probably know all about the beauties of Greenery, Pantone’s colour of the year. Area rugs are an excellent opportunity to introduce this lovely hue to your home and create a stylish look.


The secrets of different materials

Different materials will bring completely different vibes into your home. For a relaxed and organic feel, you can choose stylish natural floor rugs made of sisal, jute, cotton, wool and others. However, when choosing a certain material, you need to consider a room’s traffic. For example, jute and sisal feature lovely textures and weaves, but since they easily absorb moisture, they are a bit more difficult to clean, so they aren’t the perfect option for high-traffic areas. Wool might be more appropriate for such areas because it’s durable and easy to clean.
By considering size and style, as well as different materials and their properties when buying an area rug, you’ll be able to choose the right one that will help you elevate your home décor and create an enticing and stylish look.

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