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window treatment consult what to expect

Many times blog post subjects are born from everyday conversations or frequently asked questions from the community. A new homeowner contacted me recently and wanted to learn more about our window treatment consultation.  So I thought, I’d share it here.  In a nutshell, here is what you can expect.

1. Short presentation

I begin each meeting with a short presentation about our process.  We review images of design choices for draperies, shades, cornices and valances as well as hardware selections and finish options.

We discuss your vision, style preferences, and color family as well as photos of recent jobs. This way the client can see the application in real spaces and the quality of our workmanship.

2. Tour the home

Next we tour the home, pointing out the rooms and windows that need attention. All the while, we’re discussing the best applications for each space.

3. Measure and Photos

measure for window treatments

Once the tour is complete, we peruse our fabric selections.  I usually leave the client to peruse the fabric choices, while I begin to measure and take photos of each space.  This gives them a chance to get familiar with our selections and it gives me a chance to see what resonates with them, without my initial input. It’s important to have an idea of your budget, so we can select fabrics that will align.

4.Next we reunite and discuss options.

We come together to discuss and narrow down our options to our top 3 choices. I’ll make additional recommendations if necessary and discuss the pros and cons of our choices. For example natural fibers are awesome, but fade in direct sunlight, so I may redirect a silk application if it’s in a sunroom.

5.Provide a Quote and estimate a timeline

Oftentimes, I can give clients an idea of what the investment will be right on the spot. Or If time is of the essence, I’ll provide a quote within 48 hrs. with an idea of the lead time. Usually if the fabric is in stock (which it is 90% of the time), we can schedule an installation within 25 days.

6.Confirm selections and Obtain a deposit

We typically end our meeting with confirmed fabric selections and a 60% deposit to get the process in motion.  In the meantime, I’ll order swatches and have them sent to your home.  This way you’ll have the dye-lot and can shop for other needed items if necessary.

(above is an example of a follow up meeting capturing each room and the recommended fabric and window treatment style).

7. Finally while we play the waiting game, I’ll order the hardware (rods and finials to prepare for installation day).

drapery hardware

estimated timeline

We recently uploaded a few new images to our window treatments page.  Click here to have a look WINDOW TREATMENTS BY YDP

Thanks for stopping by friends.  We partner with busy homeowners to create spaces that feel authentic to their lifestyle and we blog about subjects that educate and inspire. 

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