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The past few weeks have been pretty awesome. I met a few new friends and colleagues who are doing things that align with my business and interests. We’ve been discussing ideas to plan workshops and collaborate in 2018.

I feel super blessed to know that people think enough of me to introduce me to their friends and colleagues. Really, I don’t take this lightly. I’ve learned that on a few occasions,  I’ve come up in conversations.  I’m told,”You should meet Ricci”  or “Have you met Ricci yet”?

To say that some of the meetings left me giddy with excitement is an understatement. To let you in on a little secret, I’ve been giving things over to God more and more and he is really showing up.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a believer, but sometimes I lose sight of who’s really in control and all I can say is it sho “ain’t me”!  ((lol))

I’m currently working with a client who has a magnificent focal point in her great room. She wants to dress her curved windows without competing with their lovely architectural details. Here is what we’ve considered.
dressing curved windows

These are the lovely curved windows.

I Used my iphone markup tool, to help me communicate the 3 ideas.

Left Option:  We started off with straight stationary panels that we’d mount on 2 short 20″ rods (with decorative finials) and hang them on the left and right sides of the windows.  This would enhance the room with a grand, relaxed elegance.

Right Option 2:  Here we considered stationary soft roman shades that would mimic the curve of the windows, and  showcase the molding and trim that they love. This would give the space a more casual vibe.

how to cover unique shaped windows

Option 3: Finally, we’re considering stationary panels mounted on 2,  12″ rods with end caps, (instead of finials)  centered for a clean, grand  look. This way the curves, trim and panels get equal billing.

promise ring fabric2 finger pinch pleat

We chose this lovely fabric and a two finger pinch pleated styling to add a striking pattern with movement to the room.

  1. outside panels, soft romans or centered panels…..which did they choose? Check back with us for the results.

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