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I’m designing a space for a female professor. My plan is to create an office space for her that also functions as her own personal diva den, which is simply a space that she can retreat to for private peaceful moments. Women wear so many hats. They’re nurturing, caring, selfless and seem to always want to add one more thing to their plate.  I think we all need a nice little “me” space to reflect and recharge. A home office can be such a place, especially if we include a few cozy elements to make it so.

Here is our space.  I wanted to propose two looks.

before home office

The two layout options offered S P A C E  for the room to B R E A T H E  and allow for easy movement as shown below.

plum and teal home office

My client requested  an uplifting and functional space where she can pen poems, grade papers, do research read and relax.  And she loves color!  She also likes images of  women because they represent grace, empowerment and strength. I was happy to go on a mission to find elements that spoke to this inspiration. I proposed three different options that included uplifting messages and empowered women.

So what 8 elements are needed for for an inspired home office space?

  1. The first important thing to consider is the Paint color for the space. Do we keep it or update it?  Paint is the one affordable change that has an immediate impact on the mood of the room.
  2. An uncluttered workspace and quality office chair  is necessary for working long hours and if the space allows, adding a reading chair (preferably one with an ottoman) is ideal.
  3.  Once your work is done and you kick your feet up to relax with a beverage or snack, you’ll need a functional side table  nearby.
  4.  Sufficient lighting is mandatory for being productive.  For this proposed office/diva den both task and mood lighting are recommended.
  5. Adequate storage is important as a means to control clutter. Cluttered spaces can get in the way of productivity (unfortunately I know from experience)  My fabric collection can easily overtake my office at times (ugh!).
  6.  layer an area rug for color and comfort.
  7. I am a huge fan of soft treatments for the windows.  They can be either draperies or shades for elevating the space.
  8. Lastly, surround your space with meaningful Accents that resonate with you  A space can’t feel welcoming or inspired if this is missing.

With these 8 elements you’ll be well on your way to an inspired home office

What about you?  What would you include? What meaningful accents would you add to make your home office feel inspired?

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