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Hi friends, are there any updates in your home that are vying for your attention?

It’s been on my mind for a minute to change the finish on my fireplace. Even though warm gold and brass tones are trending again, I have a personal aversion to this shiny gold tone in my living space. 

I decided to write down the model number and research my options to replace the face or glass front of my fireplace.

I found that most of the options were over 1k. Really?  Um No Thank you.

After a closer look at the project, I realized that the change I wanted to make could easily be remedied with paint. I visited a sherwin williams showroom and my local home depot store to ask questions about my options.

I was steered in the direction of using a high heat paint that could either be brushed on or sprayed. I opted to use spray paint for two reasons.  One was to avoid brush strokes and two, the parts that needed painting were super easy to remove. 

high heat spray pain

I chose this matte black paint by Rust-o-leum based on one of the recommendations I received. I chose it because it yielded a higher heat capacity compared to some of the other brands.

fireplace before

Once I removed the top metal piece (it slid right off) and the bottom (which was attached by 2 screws) I was ready to get started.

 change gold to black

To contain the spray, I put the pieces into a deep box from my garage.  I applied three coats, all together, lightly applying it with each coat and letting it dry an hour between coats. 

spray painted fireplace suround

Afterwards, I placed the pieces on top of the box to dry.  Spraying in a well ventilated area is super important, because the fumes were very strong. I would also recommend a face mask, and plastic gloves.

spray painted fireplace

I reinstalled everything the next morning just to ensure that it was completely dry. Now that the gold is gone, I’m doing a happy dance and a cart wheel because it looks so much better. This took very little time and effort and came in at under $5 to complete. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Can I get a woot woot!

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