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If you are in the market for a new door, this post will come in handy thanks to our guest writer Lana Hawkins

Home Guide:

Choosing the Right Doors for Your Home have a dual role in our homes. They are there to ensure the safety of our household and they play a vital role in both exterior and interior design.  So when it’s time to choose the perfect doors for your home, there are several things to consider, from their purpose and functionality to how they can contribute to our home design. This home guide will help you decide on the right type of doors for your home, as well as offer several different factors on which you can base your decision.pexels-photo-104982

The front door and back door

Deciding on the front door might be the hardest decision you’ll have to make. They need to

provide you with safety and at the same time it’s the first thing people see when entering your

 home. On the other hand, back doors have less exposure but are equally important for home

safety. When it comes to material, there are three main choices – wood, steel and fiberglass.

Within each of these categories you have some variances that can affect how the door performs

and how long it will stay looking great.


Wood is the first choice for many people as it offers greater design and customization options,

from a great colour range to sidelights, transoms, decorative glass and so on. So if you want a

unique front door, wood is the perfect choice. Just keep in mind that it is highly susceptible to

damage caused by element exposure, so these types of doors will need replacing eventually.

The next option is a steel door, it is somewhat more durable than the wooden, but costs much

more to repair, and offers less customization options. Steel is great as a back door option.

Fiberglass doors, are more durable than wood, and when it comes to design they

can actually be stained  to offer the same traditional look of wood. In addition they are much

 more energy efficient than wood or steel ones.


The importance of doors in interior design

When it comes to choosing the right door for your homes interior it is more about the style,

material and durability. The inside doors are not as exposed to elements and serve a different

purpose entirely. They are space separators and should be great for keeping the noise out as

well. Checking the STC (sound transmission class) of the doors you are getting is a must.

When it comes to interior design, choosing quality aluminium doors is a great option. You have a

wast selection when it comes to colour, design and movement, you can opt for folding, stacking

or sliding ones. This is great for different space designs. Another thing to keep in mind when

choosing an interior door is the door swing. Y ou can choose between a right-hand and left-hand

door swing when ordering or customizing a door. Keep in mind that a door should never open

into a hall or corridor


Finally, you have to decide on the style; for a more elegant look opt for french doors since they

can have a frame around a transparent glass panel. They are perfect for a kitchen or dining room

entrance. On the other hand, pocket doors are more functional and take up less space, so this

design is ideal for small spaces. Or you can just go for the simple, functional panel doors, they

are always in fashion.

Just keep in mind that it is important to choose a door style that reflects your home, you can mix

and match the colour of door to fit every room individually or you can have an uniform option. In

addition, always opt for functionality over design. A well-made functional door will lower your

energy bill, keep your home safe and won’t need replacement or repair any time in the near


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