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My hubby and I have moved quite a bit in our 22 years together.  While each move was related to job advancements for him, our last move was a welcome choice to downsize.  If there is less maintenance, less cleaning, lower energy bills etc. etc. etc. I am all in.

I wish I could say that we’re done moving, but he tells me that we have one more to go and that will be our retirement spot. I  believe many homeowners are staying put and improving their existing spaces.  To do so saves money, time and the hassle of uprooting yourself all over again.  I think I’m going to work on convincing him to stay.  (wink wink) seriously, I’m over moving.

Many homeowners are doing just that staying and improving their homes instead of uprooting and moving.

If building or renovating is on your radar, here are 55 ideas you might add to your checklist as you discuss options with your contractor.

  1. Don’t put hardwood floors in rooms that are prone to water leaks (like the kitchen).
  2. Do consider hardwoods over carpet in rooms that your aging pets like to hang out in.
  3. Remember that dark hardwoods are harder to keep clean because they tend to show dirt more.
  4. Get the extra padding under the carpet. It can make even cheap carpet feel luxurious.
  5. Upstairs carpeting is less noisy than hardwoods and tile.
  6. A fireplace in the master bedroom is cozy
  7. A raised hearth on fireplace can provide extra seating
  8. Do you want to add built in cabinetry in any room? Or change the current cabinetry? 
  9. Make sure there’s a stud over the fireplace for hanging photos or wreaths
  10. Do you want space-saving pocket doors anywhere?
  11. PVC blinds are easier to clean than wood. Consider putting shutters and wood blinds on the front of the home and areas that can be seen from the street. 
  12. *Taller sinks in the master bath are easier on your back
  13. *Consider wider doors and water closets for handicapped or elderly who may have a walker or wheelchair to contend with.
  14. “Tall boy” toilets with quiet lids are much more pleasant
  15. Check out the size of your shower – is it big enough? Can you make it larger and be a walk-in shower? How far do you want your tile to extend?
  16. *How about motion or touch sensor faucets for when you have raw chicken all over your hands?
  17. *Do you want a double oven (one to be a convection oven)
  18. Instant hot water spout for pot filling is very convenient
  19. Appliance garages in kitchens are great to hide appliances
  20. Consider a second sink in kitchen if one is in the island
  21. Pull out drawers for pots and pans instead of shelves
  22. *Cabinet separators to help manage baking sheets
  23. *Warming drawers are nice to have if you can spare the storage space
  24. *Consider modifying a cabinet for larger appliances
  25. *Run a gas line to your stove even if you want an electrical stove – it will help with resale
  26. Dark granite on counters show streaks, consider lighter options.
  27. Cabinet fronts – do you want glass? If so, add in the additional cost of lighting in those cabinets
  28. Make sure each closet has lights installed. Consider closet lights that turn off automatically, especially if you have small children.
  29. *Think about where you want dimmer switches. 
  30. *Fluorescent lighting in the garage makes it easier to see
  31. *Recessed lighting on stairs is more safe
  32. *Under cabinet lighting is really helpful
  33. Do you want an intercom system for your home? For the front door? This can be especially nice if you have a large home.
  34. Do you want an all-house music system?
  35. Do you want the outside wired for audio, televisions?
  36. *Consider floor plugs in the living areas
  37. *Put extra outlets in the kitchen, even in the pantry.
  38. *Install USB outlets in areas that you’re likely to charge electronics.
  39. *Outlets in the closet are handy, especially if you like to iron your clothes right before you wear them
  40. *Integrated outlets in cabinets for hair dryers, rechargeable razors, etc.
  41. *Cable in every room even if you don’t have a TV in there yet.
  42. Recessed outlets can be a nice touch.
  43. *Consider higher voltage outlets in the garage for deep freeze, refrigerator and power tools
  44. Consider making your home a “smart” home where all your energy can be managed from your smart phone or computer.
  45. *Rainfall showerheads
  46. Dual shower
  47. *Curbless shower
  48. *Think about our aging population needing wider doors to accommodate wheel chairs and walkers
  49. *Door handles instead of knobs
  50. *Ceiling light fixtures in every room
  51. Have garage plumbed for a sink
  52. Think about extra insulation to reduce noise
  53. *Outlet for freezer in mudroom or garage.
  54. *Outlets outside on eaves for holiday decorating an power tools.

image credits are from a  houzz webinar I recently attended

I placed asterisks next to my favorite tips, what about your favs?  Did you note any?

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