Glass Balustrading- A Beautiful Option to Enhance the Aesthetic Look of Your Home or Commercial Place

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Guest post by Lauren Bracy

There are many surprising benefits to adding glass Balustrades  to your interior design projects. Our guest writer shares some valuable insight on why this could be a great consideration for your residential or commercial project.Balustrades are being used in many buildings, both residential as well as commercial, to support

staircases and balconies. Balustrades can be made from wood, chrome, iron, and stainless finishes.The glass balustrade has become exceptionally popular because it offers a plethora of advantages.Glass Balustrading is becoming increasingly popular with people who love modern houses and sophisticated looking commercial and residential projects.


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4 Reasons to opt for Glass Balustrades

  1.  If you wish to stay in your house not just to feel safe and cozy, but to have a sense of pride and luxury, then the glass balustrade is a great choice. This choice will add aesthetic value to your property, be it residential or commercial.
  2. Glass balustrade on the balcony will allow more light to pass through and reach inside. Since glass is
    transparent, it reflects and lets adequate sun energy reach you. It also allows maximum visibility and
    a better view of the outside world. Whether you choose transparent glass, or go for slightly tinted ones, the overall view of outside world will remain intact, and the interior decoration will also look great.
  3. It is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Frameless glass balustrades need special mention here.
    With just a good quality glass cleaner, you can keep the glass balustrades neat and clean. Detergent and
    water or simply wiping the glass balustrades, keep them shining for a long time.
  4. These days buildings aren’t always spacious and balconies often end up being too confining. Glass
    Balustrading will provide the illusion of more space in the building or on the balcony. 

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Glass balustrades are available in numerous designs

  • Remarkable design versatility can be expected from glass balustrades only. Glass crafted balustrades can be availed with an array of options of  sizes and colors, which one can utilize to produce varied combinations with other materials like metal, wood and aluminum.
  • They are made to withstand all weather conditions and never fade. Rain, Excessive hot and humid climatic conditions can keep serving  users for years. Remember,Glass ages slowly and is known as an excellent construction material.
  • Tempered glass is used to construct glass balustrades and only extreme structural pressure can break it off. It is hence a very safe option and families with kids will find it an ideal choice.
  • If you are aware of the environment, then opting for this will be an eco-friendly solution. 

    Glass Balustrade Model

    The model of this option can be available in 1 section; 2 sections; 3 sections; 4 sections; 5 sections as well as Curved too. Your selections should be based on the constructional style and space of the balcony.Frameless Glass Balustrade offers uninterrupted views and Semi-Frameless ones are an affordable option to the former.  It offers uninterrupted views too. They only differ in terms of their structural fundamentals and price value only. The whole idea to decorate a home or office is to provide the required aestheticlook as well as security. For this, the glass balustrades of different varieties can be a great option.

    What are your thoughts about the benefits of glass balustrading?  Is it for you?

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