Unpacking a few key points about choosing paint colors for your home

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Painting your home does so much more than add color to your space.  Paint literally wakes up a room and invites a fresh new perspective.  It can change the point of view of a room and evoke welcome emotions.  Paint can add a sense of calm or excitement or land somewhere in between. It’s the reason why choosing the right colors are everything.

I worked with a couple recently who wanted several updates for their home, including flooring, window treatments, accessories, lighting, furniture etc. The budget didn’t allow for all the changes they wanted at once, so they decided to roll out the  project in stages.

We started with a new paint color for the common area, and kitchen.  This change alone was so dramatic, my clients couldn’t contain their excitement and this was just the first step.  ( I love that!) Choosing the right colors is so integral to the vibe of your home and each room. Let’s unpack a few things about painting.

How do you decide what colors to choose?

  • Think about a consultation with a professional
  • look at inspiration photos of rooms on Houzz, Pinterest, your fav blogs, magazines and websites.
  • Ask furniture stores what paint colors they are using in their vignettes (if you like them of course)
  • Take note of a friend’s paint colors and how they use them.
  • Think about your favorite colors and what you like about them.  Do you like subdued colors, or energetic ones, crisp, cool colors, or warm cozy ones?
  • Pay attention to color combinations on fabrics, area rugs, art and accessories.  The combination or a variation of it can be a good starting point.

When should you refresh your paint colors?

It’s a no brainer to paint a new home when you move into a new space, or to repaint walls in disrepair, but think about the last time your home got an update.

If it’s been over 5 years or more, you may consider reFreshing your walls.

If you have purchased new furniture or accessories recently, it may be time for an update.

If the thought of painting everything is too overwhelming, try painting one wall or the ceiling in a dramatic hue and see how that makes the room feel.  I bet you’ll love it!

How do you know what sheen or finish to choose?

There are four basic categories with varying degrees of gloss and sheen. I prefer the look of flat and matte finishes because they minimize unsightly wall imperfections. Kitchens and bathrooms require wipe-ability for easy cleanup, however modern technology has improved paints so much, that even matte and flat paints can be washable.

  • Flat – (flat, matte) no to very low reflection when dry
  • Eg-Shel –  (Low-gloss, Eggshell, low sheen, satin, velvet) Low to medium reflection when dry
  • Semi gloss (semi-gloss, pearl, medium luster) medium to moderate reflection when dry
  • Gloss (high reflection when dry

Just a few of my favorite Sherwin Williams colors

I like these colors for their muted neutral qualities. I have found that sticking with Sherwin Williams fundamentally neutral palette offers a wonderful backdrop for home furnishings.

Sherwin Williams professional color tools are a great way to help guide our clients

If you have been thinking about painting, let’s chat.

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