7 Clever Ways to Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

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We have been lucky enough to have quite a bit of interest from guest bloggers lately, whose contributions offer fresh new ideas on our platform.  Lana  Hawkins joins us for the second time with some great tips on organizing a small kitchen. I would argue that the tips shared in this post are also great for larger kitchen spaces too. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did.  I’m ready to reorganize my pantry with new see-through containers and turn the doors into extra storage.

Kitchens often get quite unorganized, but only people with small kitchens know how hard it is to make everything practical and functional. So, if you also wage war with your tiny space every time you need to cook, here are seven practical ways to organize your kitchen.


Have you been dreading this? Well, it’s just something you have to do in order to get your kitchen in line. No matter how big the space is, if you clutter it, it will automatically feel smaller.So, go through your utensils, appliances, plates, glasses and pans, and just donate or throw out everything that doesn’t work for you anymore and everything you don’t use. If you do this often, the rest of organizing will be a piece of cake.

Create work zones

If you want to cook like a real chef, you must create work zones (or at least approximate designated stations for different kitchen tasks). For starters, divide your kitchen into zones: food storage, dishes station, cleaning station, food prep and cooking zone. No matter how small your kitchen is, you can always employ this strategy, and store and arrange cooking tools according to their zone of use. This way, you’ll always know where something is, even in a space as small as your kitchen.

Opt for see-through containers

Is it hard for you to manage all of those mismatched food containers and spices in your tiny cabinets? If you want to stop your storage from overflowing, you might consider investing in see-through, uniform containers (preferably those that are microwavable). These containers stack together perfectly, and you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for.

Turn doors into extra storage

Not many people think of utilizing the inside of their cabinet doors, even though it’s obviously unused space. So, you can be smarter than the others by employing that space and storing pot covers, cutting boards, measuring cups and spoons. You can also keep your knives there if you don’t have enough counter space for a knife block. A few inexpensive hooks will turn your cabinet doors into a very handy (and hidden!) storage space.

Bring dead space back to life

For some reason, small kitchens are full of awkward and dead space that can never be utilized properly. However, you can make things better by giving new life to hard-to-reach spaces such as under-the-sink cabinets, deepest parts of your fridge or the back of your pantry with a Lazy Susan! You can also use up the space between the fridge and the counters or the wall with aroll-out pantry.

Invest in compact appliances

More and more people live in tiny apartments, so the number of compact kitchen appliances on the market is bigger than ever before. You can invest in a refrigerator or a freezer drawer, as well as the super-practical dishwasher drawer. All of these are great solutions for kitchens that can’t even fit slim appliance models. Want to save up on precious counter space? Get a compact cube microwave! There are also slim refrigerator options, just make sure to make a choice between right- or left-hinge doors to use up all your small space. There are also practical cooling options for your tiny kitchen, such as compact Frigidaire mini split air-conditioners that always come in handy, especially when you’re boiling pasta and using the oven.

Organize your fridge

It’s easy to have a tidy fridge when you have space for a French door model. However, this unit would take half a tiny kitchen, so you have to learn how to properly place groceries in your smaller fridge. Every fridge has the best spots for different foods. Keep leftovers at the top shelves, dairy is best kept to the middle of the unit and meat at the bottom. This way, you’ll always know where your food is, and you won’t waste cold air and risk spoiling your groceries during long browsing sessions. Having a small kitchen isn’t the end of the world, as long as you employ these clever organizing tricks. After you get everything sorted, preparing meals will be a piece of cake.

Guest blogger Lana Hawkins

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