5 Essentials for a Luxurious Master Bedroom

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Luxurious touches are always in style.

Chloe is back with 5 tips on how to achieve this very popular aesthetic.Image source: Pixabay.com

Master bedrooms in luxurious boutique hotels feature perfectly combined and enchantingly designed elements, inspiring relaxation and tranquillity. From charming lighting fixtures that illuminate a bedroom just perfectly to layers of lush materials that make you feel as if you were floating, these master bedrooms boast a synergy between carefully picked pieces for the ultimate experience of decadence. It’s no wonder that design aficionados all over the world are trying to capture the essence of such spaces and recreate them in their own homes. And with these elegant essentials, you’ll be able to transform your own master bedroom into a luxurious haven.

1. Elegant colours and finishes

While colours will set the main tone of the master bedroom, lovely finishes will add to its elegance and charm. White-and-gold combination exudes decadence, while black-and-white décor that combines both  matte and glossy finishes can have quite an authentic look. Soft gold can work well with neutral hues, such as pale greys, gentle browns and soft beiges, giving them a slightly decadent look. Royal colours, such as regal blue or deep purple can create a dramatic effect, especially when combined with an occasional pop of silver or golden finishes. However, moderation is key when using different colors and finishes – by keeping it simple, you’ll be able to give your master bedroom a look of subtle elegance and sophistication.

2. Side tables as accent details

Image source: yourdesignpartner.com

Intricately arranged side tables are often used as enticing accent details in elegant master bedrooms. From fabulous vintage lamps with a chic golden finish to hanging pendants as modern alternatives, a lighting fixture is an important element of bedroom side tables. For those who cherish balance, symmetry is the main decorating principle for these side tables that should feature identical arrangements. Asymmetry, on the other hand, can create a playful look, featuring different, but equally glamorous details. Stylish clocks, antique books, intricately designed picture frames and vases of fresh flowers can all be used to decorate bedside tables.

3. Wallpaper for a dramatic effect

Image source: Pixabay

Wallpapers have become one of the chicest trends, with homeowners using them in unexpected places for unexpected design statements. In the bedroom, you can use a dramatic design with a metallic finish for a wall behind your bed. This way, you’ll create an eye-catching accent wall as a perfect background to a simple, neutral headboard. However, if the bed headboard features a bold design, too, you should place wallpaper on a different wall, enabling both elements to stand out.

4. Layered textiles for comfort

Not only can different materials create a comfortable ambiance and a layered look, but they can also add playful designs and intricate patterns for the wow effect. When choosing fabrics, silk and cotton are always the classic choice for bedsheets, while velvet curtains can create a royal effect. Plush, soft materials can be paired up with rough materials for a stylish contrast. For example, if you use a faux sheepskin for a throw cover or an area rug, you can complement it with a glamorous leather bed frame to accentuate both materials. Such a luxe bed paired up with soft throw pillows and lush bedsheets can truly create a sophisticated visual appeal worthy of boutique hotels.

5. Accessories: minimalist, but effective

Image source: peschekinteriors.com

Accessories are a necessary element that will enable you to give your beautiful master bedroom the final touch. However, when decorating your relaxing haven, you shouldn’t go overboard with décor, but choose  a few simple, minimalist pieces that will truly stand out. A single, ornate mirror or a crystal chandelier can work as a stunning focal point against a subtle, perfectly balanced backdrop. One or two mesmerising paintings can truly stand out if you place them on a neutral wall or above a monochromic headboard.

By designing a luxurious, authentic bedroom, you’ll have your own decadent area of relaxation and style.

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