Where to begin with your kitchen design project

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I’ve been involved in a few new design projects for kitchens lately and it’s introduced me to a new world of details quite different than designing bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms and other interior spaces.

As a result, here are a few things I’ve learned about making the process a little easier.

Know your vision and gather ideas through photos, pinterest boards and houzz to help communicate the concept to your designer/contractor. This step is super crucial because they want to make sure your vision is fully brought to life. 

1. First Decide what types of appliances you want in your new kitchen as this makes choosing the layout of your cabinetry design more efficient. If we’re eliminating a dishwasher for example, this can free up space for more storage.

2. Next is cabinetry design  as lead times are long  and it’s good to make this appointment early in the process.  Be sure to ask for a sample of the cabinet finish to match selections you’ll make in upcoming appointments.

3. Now that you have your cabinetry selected, you’ll want to look at countertops that will harmonize with the cabinetry finish and overall  kitchen aesthetic.

4. Choose your Tile for any wall design or backsplash. This becomes less overwhelming when your cabinetry and countertops have been selected. You can then decide if you want a classic look, traditional, dramatic one etc. the sky’s the limit.


5.  Should your lighting be updated? Ask yourself if more lighting is needed for a well lit kitchen or if some light fixtures need to be repositioned or eliminated.  Are pendants desired over the island? or do you prefer recessed lights for example.

6. Next address your plumbing needs, selecting your sinks and faucets that work with the overall plan. 

7. New Flooring lays the foundation to flow with your overall design aesthetic and goals.

8. And don’t forget the hardware for cabinetry or what I refer to as the jewelry.  It should feel comfortable complement the cabinets and harmonize with the overall design.

This short list of steps will help make your project proceed more smoothly but know that behind the scenes, there are lots of moving parts, very specific and detailed nuances and a bit of magic that happens to make your kitchen projects a reality if you really knew what happens behind the scenes, you would kiss your designer and contractor….really you would (wink wink).

So where do you begin with a kitchen remodel? I think starting with the appliances should be first and everything else will fall in line from there.

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