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Window treatments are a large part of what we do and we simply love seeing how they can transform a room. Yeah, they make your home look lovely, but there are some surprise benefits too.

1. Quality of Light and Sun Control

Most of us love natural lighting, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Homeowners with bare windows are often surprised at how quickly furnishings can fade. Wood and upholstered furniture, carpets, wallpaper and artwork can all be affected by exposure to direct sun.

Window treatments help protect your investment in all your furnishings, they can provide degrees of light control or block it completely.

2. Framing the View

Window treatments can complement and frame a beautiful view and they can obscure a less desirable one. To enhance a great view, consider treatments that stack away from the window and not compete with the landscape.
To detract from less than ideal views, choose window treatments that overhang the window, with sheers or lace beneath. Valances, cornices and swags can also help, while adding a decorative accent.

Liberty Township project

Mason project3. Privacy and Security

A beautiful view by day can feel like a fish bowl when interior lights are on at night. If you don’t want to see your home exposed, choose window treatments that draw or close in the evening.  Many people choose blinds or shades behind decorative window treatments  to act as their light and privacy control.  Window treatments that provide privacy are especially important in bedrooms, baths and dressing areas for obvious reasons. They also help create a feeling of intimacy in the master bedroom.

4. Increase Energy Efficiency and Buffer noise

Window treatments add layers of fabric at the window to deflect cold air or blazing heat. They can make your rooms more comfortable and improve the energy efficiency of your home.
Through the use of lining and interlining, soft window treatments can absorb sound and buffer street noise, making a significant difference in how your home feels to your family and guests. With many hard surfaces, things like carpet, upholstery and window treatments can help absorb sound. Draperies that are interlined offer maximum noise absorption.

5. Provide the finishing touch

While I appreciate the functional value that window treatments offer, the designer in me swoons over the aesthetic value they add to a space.  They can provide balance and harmony, or create the perfect focal point a room may need.

We engage in quite a few projects each week, oftentimes for new homeowners who just purchased a home and oftentimes for clients who add window treatments to the second phase of their design projects.   Our latest window treatment installment was for a project in Clermont county for a new homeowner who recently downsized. Here are a few preliminary shots below.

First we Chose the fabric and hardware for the project

Kitchen: Soft roman shades and valance

Master suite: Drapery panels

Laundry room: Pleated Custom Valance

Drapery hardware is an important element – Make sure the hardware complements your fabric choice and harmonizes with other elements in the space. What about you,  When it comes to window treatments, do you favor function or aesthetics ? Can window treatments do more than look pretty? They sure can! If you are interested in a consultation, we would love to meet you.

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