Guest Posts

We love collaboration!

Guest blogging is a great way to develop a dialogue between bloggers. It also helps you promote your knowledge, business savvy, and talents that may appeal to our readers. Sharing gives our readers more ideas on ways to improve their surroundings.

To be featured, email Ricci Jackson at

Blog posts should meet these criteria:

1) Must relate to interior design, home organization, home DIY projects, and topics that fall within the interior design industry. We welcome creativity, innovation, and ingenuity. As such we are flexible and open to many ideas that can relate to and fall within these categories.

2) Please DO try to make your topic have an interesting and creative viewpoint and opinion. We are in no way opposed to new approaches to design.

3) Please DO NOT try to simply sell a product or service.

4) Blog posts should be between 300 and 500 words.

5) Please include 4-5 pictures and their sources with your post.

6) Please include a short biography of yourself, your business, and links to your website/blog as well as a picture to complement your biography and company logo.

7) Lastly, have fun with writing! We are sure that our audience will enjoy your topics immensely.

 All blogs and postings are subject to the approval by Your Design Partner.