Meet Our Contributing Writers

I’m so excited to introduce such talented young women who will contribute to the blog on Wednesdays with lifestyle topics such as fashion, diy projects, food, travel, wine, yoga, women’s empowerment and more. I admit, we needed new voices!  I will continue to share projects and design tips on Sundays, but in the meantime let’s meet our new contributing writers.

Laura WizeMeet Laura Wize – DIY Projects|Fashion

Where insight, truth, and art intersect, you will find Laura Wize. This blogger, panelist, writer, and poet, devotes her energies to enhancing and uplifting anyone she can.Through her blog,, she demonstrates how fashion, style, passion, and artistry can rejuvenate the soul. In 2009, she began performing her blend of words and wisdom.  She has co-written, co-produced and co-starred in the spoken word stage play Indestructible Bloom(2012).  Laura has written three spoken word projects including the soundtrack for Indestructible Bloom, Kiss & Tale, and Fanning Flames. Laura shares her wisdom through her freelance writing for magazines (, and through her blog. Laura’s work has also been spotlighted on The Curvy Fashionista, Blogher, and Empire Life Magazine.

Meet Florence Malone – Food|Wine|Discover cool places around town with Flo

Also known as Floetic Flo”. Flo is a newlywed who recently just tied the knot with her fav guy.  She believes that we have to help the youth in our communities to learn how to express themselves through art rather than sex or violence. Besides being an artist, Floetic Flo works at Visions Early Learning center as their Outreach Coordinator. Visions Early Learning is a teen parent center and daycare for our youth.  Flo has been writing since she came out of the womb and she will never back down from an old school dance off.  Her CD “The Conscience Floetic Flo” has been released since the summer of 2011 and is currently ranked on Reverbnation. Floetic Flo’s new CD called “Floetic Tears”  was released in 2016 and can be found on iTunes. She was nominated for “Most Conscience Poet” of 2013 and selected as “Most Inspirational Poet” of 2013 in Cincinnati Ohio.   Floetic Flo’s  published book titled “I Am Poetry” is now available on, or


Meet Karehma Simon – Travel Adventures| Yoga|Spotlight local entrepreners

Karehma is a writer in Cincinnati, Ohio. She began writing and performing spoken word poetry in 2010, performing at local open mics in Cincinnati.  Also known as Tha Protagonist, Karehma’s spoken word and prose is a window into the complex lives of black career women.  Her themes are primarily about women’s self-empowerment through introspection. Karehma is a mechanical engineer by profession, philanthropist, and an advocate of equality and human rights. In her free time she enjoys yoga, music, cooking, and craft beer.


Did you notice a common thread?  Yes, each of our contributors are spoken word artists and friends.  We recently met over food and wine and I just loved the energy that these women brought to the room. Let’s give them a super warm shout out and welcome!