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Lets be “CLEAR”

Sunday, 09 October 2011 by

Room feel too heavy?  Try reducing your visual weight with transparent furnishings. I can see clearly now (the rain has gone) okay so this “clear” trend has me thinking of that song for some reason.  Sorry, I deviated for a moment but I’m back now.  So here’s what we’re talking about: 🙂 Why decorate with

Mine are: 1.  The incredible view of the outdoors 2.  Gallery of framed head-shots of the family 3.  The warm color palette throughout the house 4.  Ottomans, throws, candles, and fresh flowers 5.  The people that share my space okay this was more than 5 but I can go on and on and on. Why did

I really love the new panel systems.  They are sleek and modern in design, are a welcome update to traditional vertical blinds, and go effortlessly with many design styles. I just completed a patio door project using them.  Here’s how they turned out. The couple’s space is youthful, modern and boasts “Glamour” throughout the home.

Industrial Chic – It’s a metal thing!

Wednesday, 05 October 2011 by

What’s up with the industrial look?  The industrial decor trend is the complete opposite of glitz and glam and is the latest trend taking us back to the basics. While we may be used to seeing this aesthetic played out in abandoned warehouses or loft style apartments of yesterday, today we’re seeing it everywhere! In