Wall coverings and finishes can add just the right dramatic effect and texture to a space.  Here are some options to consider. Stencils can give a fab look to a space and can even resemble wallpaper.  With a little patience a stenciled wall can be just the thing your room needs. Painting wall designs are

Decorating from A-Z (U is for Update)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011 by

Update your home this fall with some of the latest trends in decorating. Try to incorporate a Moroccan flair               Moroccan style is not for the color shy. These leather poufs are great for extra seating.     Add Moroccan lanterns for an exotic look. Try a few Asian

Decorating from A-Z (T is Throws)

Monday, 22 August 2011 by

What is cozy, colorful, functional and will make a great companion in the upcoming months?……Throws of course!  I see these as decorative and functional pieces of art. Throws – Warm Companions by rjackson  Explore home design ideas I put this vignette together to show off these beautiful pieces.  Don’t they look inviting?  Updates with throws

Stage it, if you want to sell it.  The difference between  interior decoration and staging is, One is for YOU (and what you desire) and the other is all about the buyer. To increase your home’s appeal and accelerate the sales process, here are 8 tips to get you started. De clutter–  Buyers need to see

What are your Relaxing Essentials?  Do you have a favorite spot at home, where you can’t wait to retreat to, unwind and gather your thoughts? If you answered yes, Is it relaxing?  Are your favorite go-to items within reach?  Or is it cluttered and in need of a Refresh?  Since downsizing is a smart choice