Fabulous Finds are everywhere here at the gift and home furnishings mart in Atlanta, Georgia.  My daughter and I are discovering and photographing lots of home decor eye candy.  No, I’m not referring to Vern Yip,  although, I am a fan :)! It’s the first time she has joined me on a trip like this

Does your Entryway send a positive message about the rest of your home? Your Entryway should give your guests a hint of what’s to come in the rest of your house. It should make a good first impression. If I stopped by your home to deliver fabric samples for example and went no further than

I am constantly looking for new ideas for DIY projects to enhance my personal spaces and those of my clients.  My sources come from the internet, library books, magazine articles, nature, objects and just about everything out there with a curve or straight line. When it comes to projects, my ultimate goal is to put

Look up!  Don’t forget the fifth wall in the room.  Adding Wallpaper, Tiles, Wood Beams, Mosaic patterns and decorative paint are just a few things that can enhance your Ceilings. image sources:  1. yellow and white www.themodernhome.com 2.  pink ceiling  yourdecoratinghotline.com 3.  wallpapered ceiling  roomenvy.files.wordpress.com 4. homebuilding.thefuntimesguide.com So Why do we often miss the fifth wall?  Is

New Bedding! Go ahead, change it out!  There’s nothing quite as nice as an alluring bed with fresh new linens.  While it may seem a little weird,  I actually get excited shopping for new covers. This time of year it’s especially nice to have something bright, cool, and  lightweight.  And there are sooooo many choices out