Can you believe it?  It seems like the Spring of 2011 was just last week and here we are predicting the hot new colors for Spring 2012. So would it be fair to say that we can expect to see these colors in interior design?   Absolutely!  I’m sure that new fabrics and accessories in

Bling Bling from the runway to your home.

Sunday, 11 September 2011 by

 Shiny, festive, and sparkly things are all the rage.  From pillows to glassware and everything in between.   While bling is often reserved for the holidays, In small doses you can add a sophisticated and glamorous vibe in your everyday space.   I personally like to see a little bling in bedrooms, and dining rooms

Less is more

Saturday, 10 September 2011 by

At times I can really appreciate the minimalist point of view.  I like an open floor plan which gives a room the opportunity to breathe.  I love the neutral colors that are often found in this design style and I also love clean lines.  Here are a few examples of the Minimalist style. While this

As you know, not only is the runway the place to spot color trends, but check out how they’re popping up in home decor.   Want to see what inexpensive chic is saying about jewel tones in fashion?  click here Have you thought about infusing a little more color in your home?  These jewell tones

Great Customer service is alive and well

Thursday, 08 September 2011 by

I just had two outstanding experiences with customer service in the past two days.  So I have to give a personal “shout out” to the businesses involved. The first experience was yesterday with  Within an hour of my request for a quote (outside landscape lighting) they were at my door snapping up pics to