So what’s the big deal about Nature Inspired decorating?  Here are 7 reasons why it’s a big deal. 1.  It’s an Affordable way to add loveliness to your space.  Sometimes all you have to do is walk outside pick a few blooms and “Wa-lla”, talk about a mood changer!   I love adding flowers at

Decorating from A-Z (M is for Man Cave)

Tuesday, 09 August 2011 by

The “MAN CAVE“.   Do men really need a place to escape to?   Should we find a place for them to have their own private haven in the basement, closet, or garage?  I vote yes!  Man caves have become the hang out place for guys to watch the game, boxing matches, have drinks with

Can light really transform a space? Yes it can.  It magically can!  If it’s done correctly that is. Well lit rooms get used, and poorly lit ones get abandoned…Let’s use our space to the fullest! Here are a few examples of  how the 3 types of lighting (Ambient, Task and Accent lighting) can really elevate

K is for Kitchen Updates. Making small changes in your kitchen can yield beautiful results. Consider these Eight quick tips to update your kitchen: Upgrade your countertops.  This is a project that is underway and getting a new granite upgrade.  While I’m not a huge fan of hardwood flooring in the kitchen; The client really

J is for Jacquard textiles.  So what are they exactly and why should we decorate with them? They are intricately woven fabrics that reveal patterns and tone on tone designs.  Think Brocades and Damasks (forms of Jacquards). Here are 6 reasons why you should consider decorating with Jacquards. Because….. Colorful jacquard fabrics are perfect for adding