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Guest post It’s time for outdoor living again. Are you excited?  Our guest blogger Chloe Taylor  is back with a few functional and fun ways to enjoy your space outdoors. Image 1 source: When it comes to interior and exterior design, we have always been faced with an unfair choice: should we choose functionality,

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Here are 4 ways to SPRING IN a new look this season 1. Update chairs in your home office or dining room. Try something cool like a lemony yellow, or mint green.  You can even have fun and choose more than one color. Why? because matchy matchy is so yesterday. 2. Try a new spring

  Guest blogger Karehma  is back and tempting us with her recipe for a yummy-licious ” GOURMET  TURKEY BURGER” I don’t know about you, but after reading this post…guess what I wanted to eat? My burger craving has been off the charts lately. I live in the Pendleton / Over-the-Rhine neighborhoods of downtown Cincinnati. Crafted burger

Rose is so in right now and literally popping up everywhere. When I think of this pastel hue, it brings about images of softness, gracefulness, and femininity. When paired with grey it lends itself to sophistication and with white,  a level of freshness.  So how might we add this to our decor? Let’s have a look. Rose and

Guest Post Each month Flo highlights a new local spot for us to check out.  This time around we’re diving over at Tina’s. Hey it’s your girl around town Flo,  and this month I’m diving into one of my favorite dives! Now if you’re anything like me, and you wanna go out, where everybody knows your