Now that you’ve purchased your first home, what are your next steps? I can remember our very first home purchase as if it were yesterday.  We were so excited to leave the renters community to become first time homeowners and we couldn’t wait to exercise our right to add as much color and creativity as we

Happy Sunday!

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We’re taking a break today to enjoy the beach with friends.  See you next week. Have a blessed day! Inspiring creativity, Ricci


A TV That Turns Into a Piece of Art When It’s In Standby Mode  Samsung has revealed a lifestyle TV to its line called, The Frame. Set to launch in Spring, the concept is a bridge between art and entertainment, and the transformation of a television becoming an integral part of your lifestyle. Instead of

Guest post Now that summertime is knocking, it is only fitting to inspire you with a few ideas for your walkways. Our guest writer Chloe Taylor is back offering quite a few awesome ideas. Image 1 source: Some people prefer houses, others view apartments as the more convenient option, but if there is one area

Guest Post Lets face it, spring cleaning is not  something we’re all chomping at the bit to do, but if we realized how awesome it affects our life broadly, we really should be more motivated.  I love how our guest blogger, gives us eco-friendly tips for a cleaner home and better quality of life. Her