Rose is so in right now and literally popping up everywhere. When I think of this pastel hue, it brings about images of softness, gracefulness, and femininity. When paired with grey it lends itself to sophistication and with white,  a level of freshness.  So how might we add this to our decor? Let’s have a look. Rose and

Guest Post Each month Flo highlights a new local spot for us to check out.  This time around we’re diving over at Tina’s. Hey it’s your girl around town Flo,  and this month I’m diving into one of my favorite dives! Now if you’re anything like me, and you wanna go out, where everybody knows your

What do you think about our new “Sundays with Ydp” header?  I recently discovered Canva, an awesome platform that enables you to have fun creating a variety of promotional items like logos, ads, brochures, business cards, thank you notes, and more. It’s very user friendly and fun.  Check it out here! After recently sourcing accessories for

You bet it is! I had coffee with a fellow solopreneur the other day who mentioned that her 10 year old son wanted to decorate his room in orange.  The last time his room was updated, was when he was a toddler and she felt it was time to make his room more grown up.  Don’t

  Practicing self care seems like a no-brainer. So you might be asking yourself “Why on earth should we need to be reminded of self care”?  Well here’s why. It’s called LIFE HAPPENS and more often than not, we sometimes forget to breathe. I received an apple watch for Christmas and the funny thing is,