“How do you want your space to feel?” This is an important question I ask my clients. I  do this because it takes them away from the typical “box” relegated to design styles that most people think of like Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, Cottage, Shabby chic etc. and invites a different way to look at your

If you are in the market for a new door, this post will come in handy thanks to our guest writer Lana Hawkins Home Guide: Choosing the Right Doors for Your Home have a dual role in our homes. They are there to ensure the safety of our household and they play a vital role in


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See you next week. Inspiring creativity, Ricci


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The past few weeks have been pretty awesome. I met a few new friends and colleagues who are doing things that align with my business and interests. We’ve been discussing ideas to plan workshops and collaborate in 2018. I feel super blessed to know that people think enough of me to introduce me to their friends and

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Hi friends, are there any updates in your home that are vying for your attention? It’s been on my mind for a minute to change the finish on my fireplace. Even though warm gold and brass tones are trending again, I have a personal aversion to this shiny gold tone in my living space.  I decided to write