Hi friends, are there any updates in your home that are vying for your attention? It’s been on my mind for a minute to change the finish on my fireplace. Even though warm gold and brass tones are trending again, I have a personal aversion to this shiny gold tone in my living space.  I decided to write

I’m designing a space for a female professor. My plan is to create an office space for her that also functions as her own personal diva den, which is simply a space that she can retreat to for private peaceful moments. Women wear so many hats. They’re nurturing, caring, selfless and seem to always want to

I just finished up a project for a lovely family and for the first time in all my years I felt my age. I’m only 30 by the way (wink, wink).  As usual, furniture had to be moved and lifted, rearranged etc. No big deal, I’m always up for the challenge. I move furniture all

Guest Post Rugs can define an area, be the feature in a room add comfort and style.  Either way here are a few tips on choosing the right one for your space. Whether you want to bring a sense of novelty into your home or create a more interesting look and give your space a


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So we dropped our son off at college this week; the last one to leave the nest.  I did get a bit emotional, but held back the tears. well, until I got back to my car. I’m feeling so many mixed emotions right now that are different than what I expected.  Am I sad?  A