We tossed around a few name ideas for adding the element of food and yummy recipes to our lineup. So far, we like Saturday’s Kitchen.  Saturday is a leisurely time for many and possibly a perfect time to explore new recipes.  We hope to inspire you to roll your sleeves up and try a few

I’ve been on the lookout for a new kitchen table for some time now and fell in love with the beautiful Live edge trend. COMPARISON SHOPPING IS KEY Live edge tables are everywhere.  I really love what Bassett furniture offers because of their custom features.  There you can choose from several finishes and sizes.  If custom

Guest Post: “Local Flow” with Flo If you’ve been keeping up with us, you know that we have three new themes this year. Color Crush. Local “flo”, and Food Fabulous on Wednesdays. Flo is back and doesn’t disappoint with her  great idea for locals to celebrate valentine’s day.   Hey, Hey, now! It’s your girl Flo,


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Guest post Your bedroom is the one place that should set the stage for a yummy, relaxing night’s rest.  Chloe sets the stage with some great ideas. 5 Things Every Bedroom Needs Image 1 source: home-designing.com Every room in one’s home has an important purpose, but there’s nothing like a nice, comfy and pleasant bedroom

  Guest post Color can be so many things, like fabulous, sexy, calming, and exciting. If you received our newsletter on Sunday, you know that we have a new feature each month called COLOR CRUSH where we provide a little color inspiration.  Laura’s color crush is Ruby. Here’s what she has to say about it.