Peak home buying season is approaching and many of you are ready to pull the trigger on closing on a home, or some are simply sprucing up their current one. …but what comes next? Is your home move-in ready? Will you need to re paint, if so what color(s)? How do you want your home to

  How are you holding up out there?  Its been super chilly and snowy here in Cincy, but super beautiful too. When the snow is untouched it is breathtaking! I took these random shots earlier today in an effort to capture our winter wonderland.  Even the dewdrops were glistening from my car window. I’m excited to

Sundays with Ydp: Fringe benefits?

Sunday, 15 February 2015 by

It’s trending again! Fringe has made a comeback Update a sofa, chair, window treatments, and pillows.  The benefits will add a sense of style and have your furnishings right on trend. Photo credit Over the past several months, I’ve been considering video marketing.  This is my first effort to jump on the bandwagon. I would

Our next workshop is coming up. Speaking of flooring, when it comes to area rugs…. How do you choose the correct rug size? We often think about the size of the room when we’re selecting our rug size, but we should also consider how the furniture will be placed in a room. Take a look at

  Our very first workshop of 2015 was a lot of fun.  We had 20 RSVP’s, yet at the last minute a few cancellations.  (That’s what winter weather will do, I suppose) While the group was small and intimate…It was a good time and a chance to meet new friends.  Silpada jewelry is really beautiful and