I remember back in the day, way before I got into interior design, I used to give my space a refresh often. I may have rearranged my furniture, swapped a few accessories from one room to another, or purchased a few new (easy to change) items  just for a new perspective. I had a roommate

The area rugs and art combinations from Monday’s post, need a good background color to to allow them to take center stage. Consider this 1. Usually it is best to choose your area rug before deciding on your art. 2. Once the area rug has been selected, use it as a guide for other accessory

Art and accessories add the “flava” and set the tone for the spaces we live in. The challenge is often in finding the right items to coordinate with them. In a previous post we featured a few art pieces from our online shop.   Here are a few examples of how they can work well with

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It’s been a minute since our last post.  :( What can I say, life happens. Unfortunately, I had a loss in my family and it took me off the radar for the last two weeks. It reminded me of how important it is to embrace life,  embrace those we love and count our blessings on

Here are a few great pieces from our online store. Feel free to click each image for more details. Next week we’ll place them in a room vignette with a paint recommendation and area rug. Yep, we want to help you create a complete look.