It all started at the restaurant TRUE FOOD in San  Diego,  I fell in love with this kale salad Kale is one of those veggies that many of us have a love/hate relationship with. Most of of eat this nutritious vegetable because it’s good for us, not because we love it. I’m one of those

If you’ve traveled this summer, you’ve probably taken a few photos and may be looking for ways to enhance them. Well, here are a few ideas…. The following photo editing sites are a great for resource for editing them. Picmonkey Pic collage PicsArt Pic Stitch Sketch Guru I loved this action shot of a seagull

I’m just back from the Comic con conference with my hubby.  It was exciting to be apart of so much energy and excitement at the conference and to celebrate his nomination for an Eisner award. The cool thing is he also won!! There was so much to take in. The west coast culture is so

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We garner so much from mother earth’s beauty. Her richness, softness and dynamic hues, make our world more colorful and beautiful. We get clues from her flower, fruit and vegetable gardens,  her lakes, and living creatures.  It’s no wonder, we see some similarities in home decor and fashion items. These textiles are just a few