It’s actually my birthday today! I’m feeling super blessed to be in good health and surrounded by wonderful people in my life. Personally, I think November is a pretty awesome month.  (wink wink).  Other than my birthday, It’s the month that we give thanks for the many blessings that we often take for granted.  It’s also

wine bottle and glasses

  I’m so excited to have Dreameka guest post with us again.  Since  my Thanksgiving menu will have a global vibe with Indian spices and a few Thai dishes. She has recommended a few great wines that will enhance the exotic flavors.  It’s also worth noting that most are under $20.00 It’s that time of year

Art is personal and often elicits a different response from each person that it speaks to. Art can command your attention and punctuate a space.  It can be sexy or dignified, serene or boastful, it can be subtle, timid, amazing and even disturbing.  The key to incorporating art into design projects is simple.  Choose art that

Sundays with Ydp: A global Holiday table

Sunday, 08 November 2015 by

All i can say is YIKES!!! Somehow we went from 3 guests for dinner to 15!! Not only are there more guests, but these days it’s so important to be considerate of dietary restrictions. My challenge is to create a menu that honors tradition,  yet accommodates guests who prefer a vegan diet. What to do , what

These days, I seem to be late getting my Sunday posts out.  Dividing my time between Bassett and Your design partner is keeping me super busy and feeling like I could use a few more hours in each day. So sorry if it seems like Sun-“days” with Ydp feels more like Sun-nights with Ydp. I