I don’t take it lightly that I’ve  had the opportunity to travel to Europe for the past couple of weeks.

I also don’t take lightly that my hubby is a scholar, whose research is recognized internationally….Hmmm, Okay, well I sorta do (tee hee).

We are taking a few days off.  I am enjoying some time in Europe with my hubby. So far, here’s a sneak peak of the amazing architecture in Austria. After flying into London taking planes, trains, and automobiles, we finally arrived. The curves and details on the buildings is simply gorgeous. In the meantime, I wanted to

  Have you noticed a coastal theme in decor, home furnishings and accessories lately?  We sure have.   As a result We’ve Gone Coastal this week! I’ve decided to change things up a bit with the blog. I added an online shop to my website this past fall, and realized, few people actually know about

This past Tuesday I celebrated 20 years of marriage with this guy It’s amazing that someone can put up with me for that long LOL! Of course we’re babies in this marriage thing compared to friends and family members who have been married for 30,40 and 50+ years. Perhaps we will be so lucky. Speaking of

What’s up?  I spent some time in Atlanta last week to celebrate my nephew’s high school graduation.  I’m a proud auntie, as he received a scholarship for both academics and athletics to Yale university….woot woot!! It was awesome reuniting with my family.   Here I am with my nephew,brother and sister As for this week’s