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Lighting is important in a design plan for so many reasons.  We often think of the practical side of light as a way to see in our spaces.  How many of us would be tripping over things or bumping into walls without this fascinating and essential thing we call light? As a super clumsy person,

counter tops with  leather stools

Is that a tv in the dining room?…It sure is! This just reminds me of just how unique each project and client is. Your space should be a reflection of what YOU want and how YOU use your space. We are publishing this a bit late today, as we’ve been knee deep in busy-ness  I’m

Happy beautiful Sunday!  The weather is super fantastic, sunny and bright today and I just love it! It’s so refreshing to hear the birds singing and trees blossoming outdoors. The same way mother nature provides a refresh for us in the spring, It’s a great opportunity for homeowners to do the same inside their homes. While a

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According to the leading trend forecasting site WGSN, 2018 will be the year of sophisticated sustainability. Consumers will no longer be satisfied with “go green” marketing ploys, but they’ll expect sustainability to be an industry standard. Instead of purchasing things that just take up space, the 2018 consumer will want their purchases to add value

spring pillow update

If you’re like many of us, when the seasons change, you like to update “easy-to-change” things around the house. Things like pillows, bedding, and home accessories. They are a smart way to achieve affordable yet refreshing results. Pillows are my favorite easy update and back in the day, when I had “spare time” I would purchase