Sundays with Ydp: Color your world!

Sunday, 24 July 2016 by

I met with a client the other day who not only loves color, but truly embraces it. If a home could speak, hers would say, welcome! It would also say stay awhile, and let’s have some fun. After meeting with my client, it was no coincidence that I came across a catalog featuring bright, vibrant hues.

I’m in the process of designing a few custom draperies for a client’s dining room , home office and master suite. These days, people seem to shy away from extravagant treatments that take yards and yards of fabric with swoops, swags and curves. Streamlined,  simplistic options seem to reign. Draperies and curtains are used to add a

Your space can be amazing just by choosing the right fabrics.  I get super excited when my vendors introduce their new fabric lines and I can’t wait to touch them and see how they might work in projects I’m designing. The fabrics below are from recent projects I’ve designed and a few considerations for new ones. I love

We’ve been in our new home about a month now and things are beginning to take shape.  Of course we want to do everything now, but the reality is, we have to put the brakes on frequently.  Stuff is expensive, especially nice stuff. Before moving in, I wanted to repaint right away, but now the

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    These lovely fabric selections were chosen for a new home in the cincy area.  The first is a Damask, the second a textured faux silk and the third, a striped sheer. They were selected for an open concept to simply enhance the space with subtle color. Here are before  pics of the spaceAnd the after shots Design